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Mondzorgpraktijk De Meer is a modern clinic in Amsterdam-Osdorp. You can register as a new patient or contact us for an appointment with the dentist & dental hygienist.

We strive for a future in which our patients no longer have cavities or other dental complaints, so that invasive procedures are no longer necessary. This ensures that every patient has healthy teeth. Teeth that you are satisfied with.

Your mouth is a mirror of your health. We see cavities, wear and tear, tartar and pain as a sign that something is not in balance in your body. Instead of only remedying the complaint (the symptom or consequence), we also look for the cause so that complaints will not arise again.

The cause is often outside the mouth. For example, in certain habits that you have taught yourself over the years, but do not always work well. Causes can be found, for example, in the field of environment, nutrition (food & drink), exercise, breathing, sleep, tension, relaxation and the degree of happiness and satisfaction you experience. The solution will often be in implementing good, new habits. That is not always easy, and that is why it is important to offer the right guidance and coaching.

We want to provide good and personal care, so that people can lead a healthy, beautiful and worry-free life. In doing so, we primarily look at the mouth, but secondarily we also include the picture of the total person. We do not work on good oral health for our patients alone, but together with the patient. By guiding, coaching and supporting them with a lot of personal attention towards healthy and perfect teeth.

With our personal and integrated approach, we want to set an example for the rest of dental care in the Netherlands.

Study and experience
Our dentist and dental hygienists graduated from the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA). They have gained a lot of experience at dental practices in and outside Amsterdam. Thanks to these years of experience, they can offer you the best care.

Personal approach
It is very important to us that our patients can feel comfortable. That is why we work in a calm and controlled manner. We combine this with a personal approach, which anxious patients often like. In this way they feel comfortable in the chair and their experience is better. Visiting a dentist and dental hygienist should not be a fear for anyone.

Professional association
As dentists and dental hygienists, we are members of the professional associations KNMT & NVM. This means, among other things, that we are constantly working to keep up with knowledge and developments in the field of oral care. This allows us to offer you the best quality and safety for your treatment.